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Don’t Let Tooth Pain Cause the Back to School Blues!

tooth-painTooth Pain: The Back to School Blues

As the eighth month of the year, early August is the time in which the school season approaches and kids everywhere prepare to return to school. Clearly there is much to do in this time of year, and little time for any unnecessary distractions. Unfortunately however, there is one distraction in particular that tends to rear its ugly head at often the most inopportune time; this of course would be tooth pain.

There are few things more distracting than the sharp stinging pain of an even slightly damaged tooth, and at a time when students are reentering the world of academia, no one has time to deal with something like that! This is often the reason why we at GPS Dental, stress the importance of making dental appointments early in the school semester before such issues can occur.

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By taking the time to schedule the recommended check up every six months, you are taking a vital step in preventing any common but often unexpected dental issues from occurring and disrupting you or your kids’ lives, as the last thing anyone wants to deal with at this time of year is a toothache.

Tooth Pain: Common problems

While there are several common occurrences that if left untreated, can cause you a considerable amount of tooth pain. While there are other issues that can potentially cause oral pain, the following problems are generally the most common.

  1. Decay:

    Tooth decay or dental cavities is one of the most common dental issues that cause tooth pain. A cavity occurs when certain oral bacteria produce acid, that slowly destroys the tooth’s enamel and dentin. Although this occurs slowly, if left untreated this may cause extensive damage to the afflicted tooth, ofte requiring a dental crown to restore the damaged tooth.

  2. Cracks or Abrasions:

    Chipping or cracking a tooth is typically an unpleasant surprise that can happen when you least expect it, and is often quite painful. From biting into something hard to accidentally hitting your tooth on a tough surface, there are numerous ways to damage a tooth. Regardless, it can cause a lot of tooth pain. Fortunately however, there are also several options available for fixing a cracked or chipped tooth. There are three different treatments available and often the treatment type depends on the amount of damage done to the tooth. These treatments may include; Bonding, Crowns and Dental Veneers.

  3. Loose Crown or Filling:

    As mentioned previously, fillings or dental crowns can provide a great solution for tooth pain and damage. However sometimes due to wear and tear accumulated over the years, the crowns themselves can require maintenance. While the loose or broken crown might cause slight tooth pain, when replaced by your dentist, any discomfort should subside.

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Tooth Pain: Stay focused!

As the 2017-2018 school year starts, and parents and kids alike are prepare for the upcoming semester, it’s very important to keep focused on the important tasks at hand, so don’t let something like a toothache get in the way! Schedule that recommend dental appointment with Dr. Gary Skrobanek at GPS Dental and keep tooth pain from causing you or your kids any unnecessary distractions!

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